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Agreement for Design Services

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Main features:

  • Fully-Customizable Agreement (.docx)
  • Technical Requirements (.docx)
  • Created by Professional Lawyers;
  • Used by a Global Design Firm;
  • Contains Сlear Terms and Conditions;
  • Lots of Helpful Hints;
  • 24/7 Support;


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Product description

Introducing the Agreement for Design Services - a comprehensive legal document created by practicing lawyers to protect your interests as a designer and provide you with the legal protection to feel confident and secure while working on the project.

The Agreement helps you establish clear terms and conditions for your designer-client relationship. The document outlines the scope of work, the designer's responsibilities, and the client's obligations. It also includes provisions to protect the designer's intellectual property and ensure payment for the work performed.

The agreement eliminates these common problems:

  1. Unclear project scope: Clients may change their minds or make additional requests not included in the original project scope, causing delays and additional work for the designer. The agreement clearly outlines the project's scope, including deliverables, timelines, and any limitations or exclusions. It helps to manage client expectations and minimize the risk of scope creep.

  2. Intellectual property infringement: Clients may use or modify the designer's work without permission or compensation, putting the designer's intellectual property at risk. The agreement includes provisions to protect your intellectual property, such as restrictions on use or modification and indemnification for any infringement by the client.

  3. Late or non-payment: Clients may fail to pay the designer on time or at all, leaving the designer in a difficult financial situation. The agreement establishes payment terms, such as payment amount and timing. It helps ensure the designer gets paid for the work and avoids disputes.

Other benefits:

  • Legal protection;

  • Establishes clear terms and conditions, reducing the risk of misunderstandings;

  • Professionalism: It establishes the designer as a serious and trustworthy business partner;

  • Peace of mind: Knowing that you have a legal document to protect your interests can give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on your creative work.

The same document is used by Smotrow Design - a global design consultancy - to protect the firm's interests and establish clear terms with clients.

What's inside:

  1. A fully-customizable Agreement (.docx);

  2. Technical Requirements (.docx);

  3. Contains all the most important terms;

  4. Lots of helpful hints;

  5. 24/7 Support;

Whether you are a freelance designer or work for a design firm, this document is a must-have for establishing trust with clients and minimizing your risks in the competitive design industry. Download the Agreement for Design Services today and start protecting your interests.

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February 26, 2023
Last update:
February 27, 2023
Created by:
Smotrow Related


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