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Brand Strategy Toolkit: Ultimate Edition

5 reviews

Main features:

  • Client Questionnaire (65 Profound Questions)
  • References to Valuable Articles, Books, Videos, etc.
  • Personas Template to Identify your Target Audience.
  • Based on 10+ Years of Working with Clients
  • 22-Page Exclusive PDF Document
  • BONUS: Editable .INDD Source File Included


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Product description

Introducing the Brand Strategy Toolkit, created by Smotrów Design: a comprehensive guide featuring valuable insights, profound questions, personas template, and useful hints to build an effective brand strategy and gather valuable information about your client's business.

Whether you're a brand strategist or a graphic designer embarking on a new project, this toolkit provides an epic collection of 65 meticulously crafted questions. Each is complemented by valuable insights and resources, all consolidated in a single document. These questions are designed to give you a deeper understanding of your client’s business, uncover hidden insights, facilitate strategic decision-making, and set a solid foundation for innovative, impactful design solutions. By leveraging them, you'll gain the ability to articulate your client's unique value proposition, understand their market positioning, and craft a compelling narrative that resonates with their target audience, ultimately enabling you to create a strong brand strategy.

We recommend sending these questions to your client after signing a contract and receiving a deposit payment. You can use your preferred response collection tool or the designed Design Brief Generator available at

Having your clients complete this form at the start of your collaboration helps gather vital information, offering a clear overview of their business, goals, and challenges in one place.

What’s inside?

01. Basics: Fundamental elements of your client’s business

02. Vision: Defining ideas behind your client’s brand

03. Mission: Articulating the core purpose, values, and ambitions

04. Pain points: Pivotal moments where a brand’s essence is tested

05. Customers: Building meaningful, emotional connections

06. Revenue: Gaining insights into your client’s business models

07. Markets: Evaluating the client’s priority growth spaces

08. Team: Gaining insights into the client’s team structure

09. Competitors: Conducting a competitive analysis

10. Brand identity: Building instantly recognizable brand expressions

11. Success: Establishing clear success criteria

12. BONUS: Personas Template to identify your target audience.

13. BONUS: Useful hints and recommendations.

Each page features valuable tips and a carefully curated collection of resources to deepen understanding and inspire innovation, including videos, recommended books, articles, and lectures. At the end of the document, you will find a list of helpful hints that will assist you in avoiding common pitfalls when starting and working on branding projects.

Download the Brand Strategy Toolkit today and embark on creating more impactful, aligned, and successful design projects.

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Product specs

August 12, 2023
Last update:
September 18, 2023
Created by:
Smotrów Design
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All reviews: 5

Full of insights, books, articles, and recommendations

Reviewed by
August 25, 2023


Thank you for adding references and additional insights to almost every page. Now I have articles and books to read in my spare time. :)

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Practical document, good for onboarding

Reviewed by
Omar El-Sayed
August 24, 2023


I've integrated parts of the document into my client onboarding process. It's helped streamline our initial meetings and set clearer expectations.

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A valuable investment

Reviewed by
Leslie Wong
August 24, 2023


While I've always had my own set of questions for clients, this toolkit has presented several fresh perspectives to think about. It's well-organized, which saves me time during the initial stages of a project. A major plus is that the team provides the source file! The document itself is so stylish and minimalistic that I can use it as a template for other projects. I can instantly identify the distinctive style of Smotrów Design. Good job.

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Valuable tool for brand experts, designers, and owners of design studios

Reviewed by
Sophia Martinez
August 17, 2023


I'm truly impressed by how the team incorporated valuable resources and prefaced each section with a preamble. Firstly, it simplifies the process of explaining to clients the importance of the information we're gathering. Secondly, these added resources provide deeper insights into each topic. Exceptionally well done. I'd recommend this to brand experts, designers, and even owners of design studios.

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It's gonna be a transformative asset in my design process!

Reviewed by
Selma Makuii
August 12, 2023


I had a chance to dive into the Smotrow Business Discovery Handbook and was impressed by its capability. This workbook acts as a beacon, guiding designers and clients toward a comprehensive understanding of the project. One standout feature is its ability to uncover critical aspects that clients might not have considered about their business. It's like a tailored tool that facilitates a collaborative journey, enriching the project's depth. Designers looking to empower clients with essential business insights should definitely explore the Smotrow business discovery Workbook. It's gonna be a transformative asset in my design process!

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