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IDO Spectrum – Brand Style Guidelines Template (INDD)

5 reviews

Main features:

  • 65-Page Brand Style Guide;
  • Fully Сustomizable (INDD)
  • Modern Landscape Layout;
  • Features a 12-Column Grid;
  • Professionally-Written Content;
  • Typography, Masterpages Included:


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Product description

Using our 10+ years of experience in delivering brand identities to clients across the globe, we've decided to share our expertise through our new brand style guide template for InDesign. Now available for download, this template is aimed to help graphic designers, creative directors, and company owners craft comprehensive and professional guidelines for their brands. 

This brand style guide was created following the latest trends in graphic design and will be a perfect choice for most branding projects and companies across diverse industries – from technology corporations to local furniture manufacturers. 

The 65-page document delivers detailed instructions on applying every element of your brand across all forms of branded communications. It addresses your brand’s tone of voice, logotypes, colors, typography, iconography, and imagery, establishing clear, easy-to-follow guidelines to uphold a consistently attractive and coherent brand identity. 

Increase the value of what you do

Often, designers overlook the importance of presentation in their workflow, yet it plays a pivotal role in shaping the client's perception of the project. Remember, clients might not fully comprehend the intricacies of your design, but they gauge the quality of your service by how well you present your work. Each aspect of your delivery, from presentation to assets, is paramount, so it's imprudent to neglect them.  

Our goal was to give you a style guide comparable in quality to those employed by the world's leading design studios, a resource previously unavailable for download. This document aims to elevate the professionalism of your work presentations and potentially pave the way to opportunities commanding higher remuneration.  

Fully customizable

Crafted with your needs in mind, this style guide template is presented in the INDD format, which means every element, from layout to paragraph style, can be tailored to suit your unique needs. Whether you need to tweak the typography or overhaul the layout, our guide allows you to modify effortlessly, ensuring that your brand representation is as unique as your vision. 

What’s inside?

Create a document that gives people who work on your brand clear visual guidelines. When everyone's on the same page, it results in consistent design across multiple touchpoints. 

1. Fully customizable content from fonts to colors
2. Adobe InDesign Template
3. Modern Landscape Layout
4. 1920 x 1080px is perfect for sending to a client or presenting online.
5. Compatible with all Adobe Indesign CC and possibly works with CS6, CS5 & CS4
6. Includes .IDML file
7. Features a 12-column grid
8. Title & Paragraph styles
9. Easy to modify fonts and color palettes
10. Easy guide scripts
11. Layered document
12. Links included in the package
13. Original PDF
14. Typography included in the package 


1. Introduction
2. Tone of voice
3. Logotypes
4. Typography
5. Color
6. Iconography
7. Imagery
8. Contact 

Our style guide is available exclusively for purchase at Alternatively, you can access it as part of our Complete Style Guide Bundle, which includes 7 other style guides, all for a competitive price of just $249. 

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Product specs

May 23, 2023
Last update:
June 08, 2023
Created by:
Smotrow Related
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Fantastic template for graphic designers and brand strategists

Reviewed by
Emily Johnson
May 31, 2023


If you're a designer, you need to check out this guidebook – it's well worth the investment. It's very comprehensive, covering everything you need to maintain a consistent brand.

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I'm absolutely satisfied with the guidebook

Reviewed by
Angela Stewart
May 31, 2023


As a small studio owner, I've been on the lookout for a comprehensive guide like this for a while. The attention to detail is impressive, and the guidance it provides in crafting coherent brand identities has proven invaluable. I hardly rewrote any text - just made a few minor tweaks to align it with my client's brand. This template certainly adds a professional touch to my presentations and offers a comprehensive view of the brand identity I create for my clients. Many thanks to Nikita for helping me in choosing the style guide I needed from the collection. :)

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Sets the standard for style guides

Reviewed by
Amanda White, Freelance Graphic Designer
May 29, 2023


This template has become my go-to for most of my branding projects. It's fully customizable, up-to-date, and covers all bases, saving me a significant amount of time. A great resource for designers at any level

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An invaluable tool for branding

Reviewed by
Patricia Jameson, Creative Director at Blue Wave Media
May 29, 2023


This brand book was a game changer for our agency. It's comprehensive, professional, and surprisingly easy to adapt to our needs. Our clients appreciate the clear guidelines and we appreciate the efficiency it adds to our workflow. Highly recommended!

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Recommend this style guide

Reviewed by
May 24, 2023


Definitely the most professionally crafted guidebook available for download right now. Better than the kit from The Futur.

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