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The Exclusive Style Guide Template | 73-Page Guidebook (Expanded)

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Main features:

  • Used in Projects with $25K+ Budget;
  • Exclusive 73-Page Guidebook;
  • A Perfect Formula for Transferring Identity Work;
  • Print-Ready;
  • Well-Organized Structure;
  • Save Weeks of Hard Work;
  • Pre-filled with Content;
  • Fully Customizable Template: INDD;


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Product description

The 3rd version of the most comprehensive, professional, and unique Brand Style Guide on the market – totally reimagined!

We are introducing the 3rd generation of the most comprehensive and exclusive Brand Style Guidebook on the market! Delivered in a new design, expanded structure, and with lots of fresh written content. The Guidelines are created by Smotrow Design – a global design studio.

The Style Guide you use is the cornerstone of the entire design process. After being delivered to a client, it is a file that thousands of people read and use. We will help you with such a complex and detailed manual.

Don’t miss your chance to become a higher-paid designer – download the Style Guide today!

The 73-Page Style Guide Kit

A perfect formula for delivering world-class identity projects

This Style Guide is a perfect formula for delivering a new brand identity to your client and will help you go through this process as smoothly as possible. From the brand strategy to logos, from colors to typography, front layout principles to the tone of voice – this Style Guide encapsulates every part of the new brand! Now revised, redesigned, and significantly improved.

We spent years trying to find a perfect formula for creating a professional brand style guide! And finally found it! This Style Guide provides detailed guidance for how the brand should be presented visually and verbally, internally and externally, across all applications and audiences.

“This style guide will help you deliver outstanding work and set your clients up to success.”
– Adam Lambert
CEO at Lamberg Design Inc.
The Exclusive Style Guide Kit Vol. 3 | 65-Page Guidebook (Expanded!)

Why is this Style Guide unique?

The 73-Page Style Guide Vol. 3 is a reimagined version of the most comprehensive, easy-to-use, and previously unavailable brand style guide for designers, creative directors, and design studio owners.

From the tone of voice to strategy, from logotype principles to a color palette or layout principles, the Style Guide offers a ready-to-use asset for creating and transferring a first-class job.

The previous version became a top seller with thousands of downloads worldwide. This one is a whole another level.

Download it once and show your professional level in every project.

“This style guide is, without a doubt, the best template I’ve ever bought online. It helped me deliver my best branding projects!”
– Ruth Stevenson
Graphic Designer
Imagery in the 73-Page Style Guide Template for Download

How will your design practice change once you start using the Style Guide?

Some features:

  • We did all the writing, so you don’t have to. It is a proven shortcut. You can copy and paste text for every section, regardless of the type of style guide you create. No more sitting down and writing out detailed instructions—ever;
  • Empower your clients to roll out their new brands beautifully. Deliver projects with budgets starting at $10K+;
  • Build a more profitable design practice with successful clients;
  • Represent the unique character of a brand properly;
  • Professionally present yourself as a designer;
  • See your brand operating globally without inconsistencies, be proud of what you’ve done;
  • Receive calls from other clients who saw your work and want the same for them;
  • Save weeks of work and spend that time on new clients;
  • Handle your work to internal design teams professionally;
Iconography in the 73-Page Style Guide Template for Download

Typography guidelines

Typography plays a significant role when creating a brand identity for your client. It’s as important as a logo because typography is everywhere. A client will use it on a website, brochures, business cards, and even T-Shirts. And, when doing everything right, people will recognize the brand based even on what font they see.

Obviously, your design studio can’t always oversee how your client uses the font you have chosen or created after the project goes live. So defining the rules of working with the type is vital. Do it in the style guide.

We know what information to add to the style guide. Usually, you should define:

  1. Brand typefaces;
  2. Typography system;
  3. Pairings;
  4. Pairings guidelines;
  5. Typography guidelines;

Typography will help you to build a strong and lasting brand for your client.

Typography in the 73-Page Style Guide Template for Download
“Deliver brandign project like a PRO with this amazing Style Guide template created by a team of professionals.”
– Dilara Simpson
Freelance Graphic Designer
The tone of voice in the 73-Page Style Guide Template for Download

Use a Style Guide like in IBM, Uber, Slack, McDonald’s, and NASA.

You might think these giants have something special, something unavailable for you and your clients. Even though their style guides are confidential, they are not unique!

We had worked with giant corporations and then used that experience to create this Style Guide Template. So it has a similar structure, information, and chapters.

After downloading, you will use the best practices from the top corporations! Moreover, the style guide is filled with ready-to-use content for you to learn how to explain the work performed professionally.

This style guide will transform your design practice for the better. One day, you’ll look back at the moment you downloaded this Style guide and marvel at your progress and the number of successful projects you were able to deliver!

Table of contents in the 73-Page Style Guide Template for Download

The most comprehensive Style Guide available for download EVER

1. Introduction.
Who we are, why we do it, how we do it, key principles, core brand guidelines (with custom illustrations).

2. The tone of voice.
Personality and expression, examples of how we speak, abbreviations.

3. Logotype.
Logo lockups, alternative versions, social lockups, ad banners, colors, sizes, clearspace, partnerships, guidelines.

4. Typography.
Main typeface, additional typefaces, typography system, pairings, pairing guidelines, guidelines.

5. Brand colors.
A color palette, accent colors, corporate color, Stratton in colors, functional colors, guidelines.

6. Icons.
Principles, colors, construction, examples, guidelines.

7. Layout principles.
Be generous with space, keep it simple, create clear order, pay attention to details.

8. Imagery.
Image tonality, basic principles, guidelines.

9. Inspirational examples.
Quotes, business cards, T-Shirts, ID cards, envelopes, outdoor signs.

10. References.
Legal, trademarks rules.

11. Contacts.

The Fully-Costomizable 73-Page Style Guide Template for Download

Files you will get:

  • An Exclusive 73-Page Style Guide (Print-Ready);
  • Fully Customizable Template Files: INDD;
  • Links to Assets;
  • Ready-to-use Structure;
  • Pre-filled with Content;
  • Master pages, Paragrapghs & Character Styles;
  • BONUS: An Illustrations Pack;
  • BONUS: Fonts Used in the Style Guide;
  • 24/7 Online Support;

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Product specs

January 30, 2022
Last update:
August 19, 2022 (Fresh release!)
Created by:
Smotrow Related
Compatible with:
, inDesign


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Rated 4.8 out of 5
4.8 from 5

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Rated 4.8 out of 5
All reviews: 9
Very good0%

Easily modifiable for other brands

Rated 3 out of 5
Reviewed by
April 21, 2022


My original review of the template was pretty bad, but almost immediately the designer changed the issue and added in paragraph and character styles, so that the document would be more easily modifiable for other brands. Thank you

Complete Verbal and Visual Brand Guideline Template for Adobe InDesign

Rated 5 out of 5
Reviewed by
Elizabeth Geren
March 24, 2022


This brand guideline template is exactly what I need as a Brand Strategist and Visual Designer. For months, I struggled to find a brand guideline template to distinguish me as a branding professional. I required not only a visual identity guideline, but also guidelines for verbal identity and marketing collateral. I also needed a template made with Adobe InDesign, the industry standard software for print layout design. This brand guideline does everything I need and is a great starting point for brand strategists who want to streamline production. I will be adjusting page sizes for US clients and adding my own additional verbal identity pages. Thanks Nikita and the Smotrov Design team!

The client enjoyed it and we successfully finished the project

Rated 5 out of 5
Reviewed by
Maria Litvinova
March 21, 2022


I purchased this template for my identity project because I didn’t have enough time to create something from scratch. So I browsed the internet, found some templates on Behance, but then discovered this one on LinkedIn (Nikita Smotrov posted this in his profile). As a result, I made a few changes, and it was ready to go. The client enjoyed it, and we successfully finished the project. Recommend!

5 stars

Rated 5 out of 5
Reviewed by
Oleg Marchenko
March 21, 2022


I like the illustrations in the guidebook and how the information is presented. Everything is structural, with a good layout and a very pleasant style. As a designer from Ukraine, I will recommend this template to my friends and colleagues.

Great quality, nice style

Rated 5 out of 5
Reviewed by
March 21, 2022


As a person who bought the previous 65-Page style guide from smotrow design, I can say that this new version is very improved. It has new sections, a better quality, and, of course, so much more content. I recommend you purchase this amazing template.

Good template

Rated 5 out of 5
Reviewed by
March 21, 2022


It’s a very good and professional template. I made a few changes to the structure to fit my project, changed its color scheme, and sent it to my client. He really liked it! I’ll be using this template in my upcoming projects.

This guide looks like it was done by an expensive design studio! So your fees will grow.

Rated 5 out of 5
Reviewed by
March 18, 2022


At first it may seem that the product is quite expensive. But based on what you get – I assure you it’s not. Based on what I’ve seen before on the market, it’s really the best. It is professional, and it looks like it was done by an expensive design studio 😉 So your fees will grow. If you are looking for a style guide, I recommend you this product.

If you are looking for a perfect brand style guide - this product is what you need.

Rated 5 out of 5
Reviewed by
Pierre Clemons
March 17, 2022


Just have downloaded this guidebook. I’m very impressed! The structure is amazing, with all the most necessary sections like Messaging, Tone of Voice, Purpose, and lots of sections related to the visual identity (logos, typography, imagery, etc.). If you are looking for a brand style guide that you want to use in your work with clients and don’t be embarrassed (and not put a lot of work into it) – this product is what you need. Even though this guidebook is quite expensive, the value you get from it is immense. You will earn much more.

It is worth every bit of what they charge for it! I recommend it to all graphic designers!

Rated 5 out of 5
Reviewed by
March 16, 2022


There are lots of brand manuals on the market right now – I see them on Behance, Dribbble, Google. But they all were created for sale. By this, I mean that they are not connected with the real work with clients. However, this style guide is worth every bit of what they charge for it! It’s very comprehensive, with ready-to-use descriptions, structure, content. Just download it, make small changes, and it’s ready to go! You have created an amazing product! I love it!

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