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The Professional Style Guide Template 82-Page Brand Guidelines

Smotrow Related
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Main features:

  • The Perfect Guide for Projects with a $50,000+ Budget;
  • The Comprehensive 82-Pages Guidebook;
  • Impress your clients and get new opportunities;
  • Present your work on the highest level;
  • Ready-to-use Structure;
  • Save Months of Hard Work;
  • Masterpages, Paragraph & Character Styles, Print-Ready;
  • Filled with Professionally-Written Content;


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Product description

NEW! Introducing The Ultimate 82-Page Style Guide – a complete visual core of your client’s new brand identity!

Many designers can’t grow in their profits when delivering brand identity projects because they focus too much on the work itself but forget about the presentation and delivery.

However, it is a crucial part. You can’t just send a folder with all the assets you’ve created to the client. So your skills of presenting and delivering your work at the highest level are crucial! It’s your chance to get new high-paying projects and new opportunities!

The Ultimate Style Guide Kit | 82-Page Brand Guidelines (Vol.4)

Use this comprehensive and professional brand style guide to present your branding projects on the highest level!

The Professional 82-Page Style Guide (Vol.4) is a comprehensive, easy-to-use, and previously inaccessible for download guidebook for designers, creative directors, and design studio owners. It is a perfect introduction to your client’s new brand identity – from brand architecture to strategy, logos, colors, typography, patterns, icons, layouts, tone of voice, imagery, illustrations, etc.! Deliver projects of such scale as Airbnb, NASA, McDonald’s or Nike.

The previous version of this guidebook became a best seller with thousands of downloads. This one is an updated, refined, and expanded version! Download it once and show your professional level in every single project.

“This brand guideline does everything I need and is a great starting point for brand strategists who want to streamline production”
– Elizabeth Geren
Brand Strategist, Visual Designer
The Ultimate Style Guide Kit | 82-Page Brand Guidelines (Vol.4)

Download this Style Guide Kit to build a multi-million-dollar design business.

This 82-Page Style Guide Kit defines the essential elements of your client’s new brand design and visually encapsulates what your unique brand stands for. It’s a professionally crafted, modern, comprehensive, and consistent Guidebook that facilitates accurate brand representation worldwide. It is a detailed manual that provides clear guidance for how the brand should be presented visually and verbally, internally and externally, across all applications and audiences. The file looks incredibly professional and contains all the information about the brand you have created.

Don’t miss your chance to become a higher-paid designer – download the Style Guide today at a lower price!

The Ultimate Style Guide Kit | 82-Page Brand Guidelines (Vol.4)
“For months, I struggled to find a brand guideline template to distinguish me as a branding professional. This guide is what I was looking for.”
– Ann Birch
Graphic designer
The Ultimate Style Guide Kit | 82-Page Brand Guidelines (Vol.4)

How your design practice will change after downloading this Style Guide:

After downloading this The Style Guide Kit, you will be able to:

  • Deliver projects priced between $40,000 and $250,000+;
  • Help your clients grow their business;
  • Represent the unique character of the client’s brand properly;
  • Create a profitable and sustainable design business;
  • See how your brand operates without inconsistencies;
  • Deliver your beautiful brand identity work professionally;
  • Professionally present yourself as a designer or a successful design studio
  • See that your work is presented globally without mistakes or inconsistencies
  • Receive calls and emails from other clients who want the same brand for their companies
  • Handle your work properly to an internal design team & other designers;
The Ultimate Style Guide Kit | 82-Page Brand Guidelines (Vol.4)
“Set yourself apart by offering a complete visual identity instead of just sending a folder of logo files.”
– Nikita Smotrow
Head Designer at Smotrow Design
The Ultimate Style Guide Kit | 82-Page Brand Guidelines (Vol.4)

IBM, Uber, Slack, NASA, and other giants use brand guidelines like this one

You might think that these companies have something special. But even though their style guides are confidential, we know that they are similar to this one! Smotrow Design has worked with giant corporations, so we know that you have the same style guide. With a similar structure, information, chapters, and even descriptions. After downloading the style guide, you will use the best practices from the top corporations!

Moreover, we filled the style guide with ready-to-use content for you to learn how to explain your work professionally. This style guide will transform your design practice for the better.

One day, you’ll look back on when you downloaded this Style guide and marvel at your progress and the number of successful projects you were able to deliver!

The Ultimate Style Guide Kit | 82-Page Brand Guidelines (Vol.4)

Typography guidelines

Typography plays a significant role when creating a brand identity for your client. It’s as important as a logo because typography is everywhere. A client will use it on a website, brochures, business cards, and even T-Shirts. And, when doing everything right, people will recognize the brand based even on what font they see.

Obviously, your design studio can’t always oversee how your client uses the font you have chosen or created after the project goes live. So defining the rules of working with the type is vital. Do it in the style guide.

We know what information to add to the style guide. Usually, you should define:

  1. Brand typefaces;
  2. Typography system;
  3. Pairings;
  4. Pairings guidelines;
  5. Typography guidelines;

This Style Guide has it all!

The Ultimate Style Guide Kit | 82-Page Brand Guidelines (Vol.4)

Table of contents:

The most comprehensive style guide you can download. It has detailed sections covering:

1. Introduction.
Who we are, why we do it, how we do it, key principles, core brand guidelines (with custom illustrations).

2. The tone of voice.
Personality and expression, examples of how we speak, abbreviations.

3. Logotype.
Logo lockups, alternative versions, social lockups, ad banners, colors, sizes, clearspace, partnerships, guidelines.

4. Typography.
Main typeface, additional typefaces, typography system, pairings, pairing guidelines, guidelines.

5. Brand colors.
A color palette, accent colors, corporate color, Stratton in colors, functional colors, guidelines.

6. Icons.
Principles, colors, construction, examples, guidelines.

7. Layout principles.
Be generous with space, keep it simple, create clear order, pay attention to details.

8. Google ads.
Web banners and advertisements.

9. Imagery.
Image tonality, basic principles, guidelines.

10. Inspirational examples.
Quotes, business cards, T-Shirts, ID cards, envelopes, outdoor signs.

11. References and contacts.
Legal, trademarks rules.

11. Contacts.
We’ve created a fully-designed, ready-to-use, highly-customizable template file that you can open, edit, and send to your clients. Adjusting the typography, grid, and color scheme is straightforward. You’ll get the templates in the InDesign format.

The Ultimate Style Guide Kit | 82-Page Brand Guidelines (Vol.4)
“Download the style guide once. Use it in every project.”
– Smotrow Related Team
The Ultimate Style Guide Kit | 82-Page Brand Guidelines (Vol.4)

You will get:

  • A Comprehensive 82-Pages Style Guide;
  • Fully Customizable Template Files: INDD;
  • Links to Assets;
  • Ready-to-use Structure;
  • Fully Filled with Content/Rules;
  • Masterpages, Paragraph & Character Styles;
  • 24/7 Online Support;

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Product specs

April 30, 2022
Last update:
August 19, 2022 (Fresh release!)
Created by:
Smotrow Related
Compatible with:
, inDesign


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A great resource curated by a great team.

Rated 5 out of 5
Reviewed by
May 8, 2022


I’ve bought multiple brand guidelines over time but this one is by far the most well-put-together.
Great value for money & also a great team with great support. I highly recommend it.

If you are looking for a qualitative brand book template, I definitely recommend you download this one.

Rated 5 out of 5
Reviewed by
Peter Blank
May 3, 2022


As a Brand Identity Designer, I was looking for a template that I could use as a starting point for any of my projects. I need a file that I can easily customize and has lots of sections that I can add/delete depending on the project. I had found the style guide from The Futur before I saw this one on LinkedIn. After some comparing, I decided to download this one from Smotrow Related. And it solved all of my problems! It’s modern, professional, with many sections and, more importantly, – with paragraph and character styles so that I can customize everything easily. If you are looking for a qualitative brand book template, I definitely recommend you download this one.

The best style guide you can find on the Internet

Rated 5 out of 5
Reviewed by
Joshua Zeldine
May 1, 2022


I just downloaded this new version. The quality is fantastic as usual! It’s probably the best style guide you can find and download on the Internet. I recommend it to all visual designers, brand strategists, and design studio owners.

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